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Marie-Anne Dirckx
About Katina!
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concept - story - dans/theatre - music - who what

'Katina!' and 'Zita!' are 2 spectacles of dance and music on stilts. A choreography of 45 minutes is made and is performed twice i.e. 2 X 45 min 'Katina' or 2 X 45 min 'Zita!'.

Katina! According to the needs of the organisation, it can be adapted f.ex. : 1 X 30 min or 2 X 20 min or 3 X 30 min or performances of 10 minutes at a spot - parts of the choreography can be performed at spots (chosen by the organisation or by me).

The music installation has been integrated in the costume. This has a reach of 20 metres - radius -.
It is a mixture of different styles of music in connection with different styles of dance and theatre.

According to the needs of the organisation, the music can be turned down so that an ambience modeste is created.
So the act can be brought either exuberant or intimate.

The act contains an interaction with the public as well as a personal interpretation of the story that I linked to the character.
I dance -move- in between the people and if a spot appears, a part of the choreography can be performed while the people are watching.
The act is a dance on stilts in connection with the poetry, the abstraction, the absurdity.

Katina!Gracious, exotic, forceful, sensual! Inspired and marked by the hard, nomad existence in the water environment.

Fascinated by the nature of earthly things, Katina – a nomadic presence – lands in different cultures.

She is caught up in an inner conflict between this new and alien life and her nostalgia for the familiar water environment.

Katina!Alternating sensations of ecstasy, anxiety, dreams, lucidity, power, imagination, mystery, wholly confined within herself and, then again, suddenly breaking the bonds!

Katina! Passionate, distressed, confrontational, inexhaustible,...
a whisper out of the sea!

Dans en theater
Inspired by the following dances: flamenco, afro, tango, modern. Alternating with improvisation.
The theatre evolves with the dance. The body –strongly defined – through its movements tells its story.

Katina hides nothing. Her face and body express a pure, deep, subtle, and frightening emotion. The dance is mysterious, sensational, intense, structured, and improvised… all at the same time. All of these sensations are reinforced through personal interpretation.


Katina!The music installation has been integrated in the costume.

The music is a blending of different cultures.

Rhythmic, mysterious, intense, experimental, instrumental, surprising, forceful.

Who What

Katina!Dancer-stilts: Marie-Anne Dirckx,

Choreographer: Marie-Anne Dirckx,

Costume: Danie Jordens & Co, Marie-Anne Dirckx,

Music installation: Thomas Leten,

Compilation; Christophe Lange,

Photograph: Philippe Crepain,
Marie-Anne Dirckx,

Cards: Nille Tilley,

Video: Ilke De Vries, Bert Borms, Marie-Anne Dirckx,

Website: Anne-Marie Jonckheere.


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